You are the director of research and development for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer. You have six people


You are the director of research and development for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer. You have six people who report directly to you: Sue (your secretary), Dale (laboratory manager), Todd (quality standards manager), Linda (patent coordination manager), Ruben (market coordination manager), and Marjorie (senior projects manager). Dale is the most senior of the five managers and is generally acknowledged as the chief candidate to replace you if you are promoted or leave.

You have received your annual instructions from the CEO to develop next year’s budget for your area. The task is relatively routine, but takes quite a bit of time. In the past, you have always done the annual budget yourself. But this year, because your workload is exceptionally heavy, you have decided to try something different. You are going to assign budget preparation to one of your subordinate managers. The obvious choice is Dale. Dale has been with the company longest, is highly dependable, and, as your probable successor, is most likely to gain from the experience. The budget is due on your boss’s desk in eight weeks. Last year it took you about 30 to 35 hours to complete. However, you have done a budget many times before. For a novice, it might take double that amount of time.

The budget process is generally straightforward. You start with last year’s budget and modify it to reflect inflation and changes in departmental objectives. All the data that Dale will need are in your files, online, or can be obtained from your other managers.

You have just walked over to Dale’s office and informed him of your decision. He seemed enthusiastic about doing the budget, but he also has a heavy workload. He told you, “I’m regularly coming in around 7 a.m. and it’s unusual for me to leave before 7 p.m. For the past five weekends, I’ve even come in on Saturday mornings to get my work done. I can do my best to try to find time to do the budget.” Specify exactly what you would say to Dale and the actions you would take if Dale agrees to do the budget.

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