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7 days ago
BS, Civil Engineering
Students should give all the instructions concerning the challenge that they face. they will get an immediate response because I am always...
2 days ago
Am devoted to my work and dedicated in helping my clients accomplish their goals and objectives,providing the best for all tasks assigned to me...
3 days ago
Doctorate, PhD
I am an expert in science and technology. I provide dedicated guidance and help in understanding key concepts in various fields such as...
19 hours ago
Masters (MS), M. Tech
I have more than seven years of teaching experience in physics and mechanical engineering.
Bachelors (BS), Electrical Engineering
Well, I am a student of Electrical Engineeing from Information Technology University of Punjab. Just getting into my final year. I have always...
7 hours ago
Bachelors, Technology
During my undergraduate i used to participate as TA (Teaching Assistant) in several electronics and computers subject. I'm passionate about...
26 days ago
I am an experienced qualified expert with a long record of success helping clients overcome specific difficulties in information technology,...
20 days ago
Bachelors (BS), Engineering
I am a highly enthusiastic person who likes to explain concepts in simplified language. Be it in my job role as a manager of 4 people or when I...
Bachelors(Hons), ENGINEERING
9 hours ago
Bachelors, Electrical Engineering
I have been teaching mathematics for the past 2 years to the students of different grades and 2 months ago I started teaching electrical...
5 days ago
Bachelors, Business Administration
Hello, I'm a professional academic solution provider working as a freelance academic solution provider since 7 years. I have completed numerous...
3 days ago
Bachelors (BS), Biochemistry(molecular...
I am a graduate from Kenya. I managed to score one of the highest levels in my BS. I have experience in academic writing since I have been...
14 days ago
Masters (MS), Chemical Engineering
I am a professional Process/Mechanical engineer having a vast 7 years experience in process industry as well as in academic studies as a...
10 days ago
Having the experience of 16 years in providing the best solutions with a proven track record of technical contribution and appreciated for...
16 hours ago
Bachelors, Electrical Engineering
I have done job as Embedded System Engineer for just four months but after it i have decided to open my own lab and to work on projects that i...
31 minutes ago
Masters (MS), Administration Of Justice...
I am a competent essay writer who has a goal to offer my best to my clients. I have been an expert in this field for over five years. Therefore,...
1 day ago
Bachelors, Aerospace Engineering
I have been tutor on chegg for approx 5 months and had solved a lot of questions.
1 hour ago
Masters, M.TECH
Taken classes at college to graduates, Also worked as an expert to a freelancer online question-solving portal for more than 8 months with an...
9 days ago
Diploma, Mechanical Automobile...
Hi, I am completed Diploma in Mechanical Automobile Engineering from Indian's best Technical institute " Institute of Engineering and Rural ...
1 day ago
Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering
When I completed my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, I started working as tutor in CAD institute. There I was giving training to...

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