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Hire online sociology tutor for instant homework help and ask questions directly from qualified sociologists. Discuss concepts like alienation of labor, the symbolic interactionist perspective, self fulfilling prophecyanticipatory socialization, deviance and social control, etc. The online tutors can teach you everything related to sociology ranging from sociology of gender to various theories like kohlberg's theory of moral development, karlmarx conflict theory and shaw and mckay social disorganization theory.

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10 days ago
Bachelors, Engineering
Since my schooling time i have interest in mathematics.I always try to solve,teach and help someone in mathematical problems.I have also two...
15 days ago
Masters, Applied Mathematics
I teach undergraduate students. I teach mathematics subject very simple and step to step.I teach student, How to approach the given problem? So...
18 days ago
Bachelors, ECONOMICS
I have qualified NET and achieved ALL INDIA RANK 5 to become assistant professor in ECONOMICS in any university. I attained undergraduate degree...
24 days ago
Bachelors, Technology
Hello, I am a graduate in Mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay. After which, I secured All India Rank 65 in Graduate Aptitude Test of...
13 days ago
Bachelors (BS), Science
Hi, i am Rachin Yadav. I have completed my graduation in maths hons from Delhi University.i have maintained a good academic record and...
10 days ago
Bachelors, Technology
I have been tutoring now since 2 years and I do it professionally . my 20 students have scored 90% and 9 students got 85%.
18 days ago
Masters, M.Tech And B.Tech
I am graduate from IIT madras in mechanical engineering. I will help u get conceptual clarity of topics & their Applied Understanding .Presently...
9 days ago
Masters, Physics
I currently have completed my masters
12 days ago
Bachelors, Technology
Key responsibilities of a Tutor are assessing student learning needs and weakness areas, referring to library sources, explaining theory,...
21 days ago
Masters, Technology
I have experience in helping students to understand a critical problem in a simpler and understandable way. My skills are Digital Electronics,...
18 days ago
Bachelors (BS), Technology
I have started teaching since 2010 and my first student was parth Guru which got selected in IIT JEE and was inspiration behind my teaching...
24 days ago
Bachelors, Technology
I have completed my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering with a CGPA of 9.1. I am the silver medalist of my batch and I have detailed knowledge...
22 days ago
Bachelors, B.Sc-B.Ed
Loves solving problems and try my level best to provide best and easily understandable solution for the students.
17 days ago
Bachelors, B. Tech
Well. I’ve been working for the past six months as a mechanical and physics expert . During that time I’ve came to know a lot about the way...
16 days ago
Bachelors, Science
For me teaching is not just my profession but it is what i like to do. I like to explain all the concepts briefly and i am always ready to help...
22 days ago
Bachelors, Technology
I like to solve problems every time.hope I can serve here at my best help the students.
16 days ago
(BS), Civil Engineering
I have completed my B.Tech in civil engineering. I have done two year teacher training course.
25 days ago
Bachelors (BA), Production Engineering
Was a subject expert in calculus in an online platform for two months and helps students in their pursuit to crack IIT-JEE entrance exam as a...
18 days ago
Masters, Maths
My total teaching experience is 4 years in College. And I am also currently working. My tutoring experience is 9 years in mathematics.
25 days ago
I have been giving tution for 2 years....I also give tution for any competitive exams.....I teaches maths and subjects like political...

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