1. The average velocity of a mini-bike is 15.0 km/h.

1. The average velocity of a mini-bike is 15.0 km/h. How long does it take for the bike to go 35.0 m?
2. A sprinter starting from rest reaches a final velocity of 18.0 mi/h. What is her average velocity?
3. A coin is dropped with no initial velocity. Its final velocity when it strikes the earth is 50.0 ft/s. The acceleration due to gravity is 32.2 ft/s2. How long does it take to strike the earth?
4. A front endloader accelerates from rest to 1.75 m/s in 2.50 s. How far does it travel in that time?
5. A mechanic test driving a car that she has just given a tune-up accelerates from rest to 50.0 m/s in 9.80 s. How far does she travel in that time?
6. A rocket lifting off from earth has an average acceleration of 44.0 ft/s2. Its initial velocity is zero. How far into the atmosphere does it travel during the first 5.00s, assuming that it goes straight up?


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