Maleic anhydride, which has the chemical formula C 2 H 2 (CO) 2 O, can be synthesized


Maleic anhydride, which has the chemical formula C2 H2 (CO)2 O, can be synthesized through the oxidation of n-butane, using the chemical reaction:

2CH0 + 702CH(CO)O + 8HO 1010,000 mol/hr of n-butane and 50,000 mol/hr of oxygen enter a steady-state chemical reactor (Figure 14-3). Derive expressions that quantify the flow rate (in mol/hr) and mole fraction of each reactant and product in the exit stream. The extent of reaction ₤ should be the only unknown in the expressions. 

Figure 14‑3.

Butane 10,000 mol/hr Oxygen 50,000 mol/hr Steady-state reactor 2C4H10+702CH(CO)O + 8HO Maleic anhydride

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